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Brad Pitt star in new film pressure of the body to give

November 4, 2010

Brad Pitt star in new film pressure of the body to give "Lost City of Z"

Hollywood stars Brad Pitt

 Hollywood stars Brad Pitt, back in February 2008 to send a message to the outside world, said that his "B-Plan" Pictures will be funded to build an adventure theme of the film "Lost City of Z", which I will play movie actor, the British explorer Colonel Percy Harrison Fa Kaite. Two years later, however, everything changed: the early stage of preparing the film is too long period, together with Peter for about things to do, cause Pitt eventually gave up the film's shooting. At the same time, Peter took another film, "Cogan deal" with director Nick Andrew Dominik cooperation. The incident goes back to play abandoned in April 2008, Paramount bought the film company had high reportage David Geen "Lost City of Z" with Brad Pitt intends to "B Plan" Pictures shot the film together, at the time Pitt great interest in the film, in addition to funding commitment, the will play the male lead. But then, this program has not found suitable as the director of the delay in filming. The end of 2008, Paramount has finally identified the director candidates - have taken over, "We Own the Night" and "Two Lovers," the new director, James Gray, took over the stalls. James Gray also flattered, said: "This for me is a very 'scary' the chance it will let me past the challenges of a completely different style, and actor also made a powerful film inner strength strong gas market. "Unfortunately, the final film of funds, Gray's vision turned into a bubble, are yet to replace the director's official news, but the film was shelved already unshakeable fact. Pitt is in the past two years to complete the Coen Brothers "Burn After Reading," co-operation with David Fincher's "Benjamin Button" (get the Oscar nomination), and the delay of the film "Tree of Life."Auto Locksmith Tools LAUNCH X-431 D-CAN Interface inpa k+can Film "Lost City of Z" from under a true story, story is in 1925, British explorer Percy Harrison Fa Kaite Z in order to find the legendary city, led a team deep in the Amazon Adventure River field trip, the last unfortunately missing the story. 70 years, countless explorers expedition along the road to continue to explore Passy, but ultimately failed. It is because Brad Pitt is said to be attracted by the mystery play, before going for the film was funded and. Unfortunately, as changes in plans, who will receive the project is still a mystery.

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