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“New Temple” and then work in dozens of star Jackie Chan, Andy Lau cooking

November 30, 2010

"New Temple" and then work in dozens of star Jackie Chan, Andy Lau cooking

"New Temple" Andy Lau, Jackie Chan together again

Annual martial arts blockbuster "New Temple" has been scheduled for January 2011 landing of the major theaters. In addition to the collection of the Hong Kong action movie big lead Benny Chan, martial arts director Corey Yuen, but also by Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse, Jackie Chan, Fan Bingbing, Wu Ching-known actors such as the three places appeared side by side. Andy Lau and Jackie Chan as a cum 1990 "Fire Island" after the re-cooperation, "the new Shaolin Temple" has aroused widespread concern.

After two decades of work by the dozen stars Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, cooking

Twenty years ago, a "Fire Island" will be in the film was already emerging Andy Lau, Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Tony Leung Ka Fai came together. And since then, Jackie Chan and Andy Lau plays a different way because of the development has not been further opportunities for cooperation.Auto Diagnostic|VCM IDS|Automotive Diagnostic|VAS 5054A|volvo vida dice|Lexia 3|Nissan consult 3 |T300 key programmer|Benz Star|FORD VCM IDS Today, the "New Temple" with its own unique charm, contributed to Andy Lau and Jackie Chan film star these two together again, but the duo was overwhelmed by a combination of civil and military translocation.

It is reported that Andy Lau plays the warlord and his son's aide Nicholas Tse was tantamount to betrayal, his wife ions death, hid in the Shaolin Temple monks, martial arts studies in the hope that down the mountain to take revenge. But was illiterate and did not expect this period of very high cooking Buddhist monks realized Jackie Chan attunement. This time, Andy Lau, a bold breakthrough in their previous screen image of the warlords in the play as a Marshal, and Nicholas Tse, Wu Jing and other martial arts have wonderful scenes. Penance for three months specifically for this Andy Lau Shaolin kung fu, the scene of a shooting Shaolin Seven Star punch when the tiger, with style. Too much into the film, Andy Lau, multiple right fist and ankle injuries, the effort for Andy Lau, Jackie Chan, he is even behind the sets of strokes to get started quickly, the action is a qualified actor, very own martial arts style. And has been hot topic on the big screen invincible invincible hand of Jackie's cooking is performed only from Tau monk, and no action scenes, but in the main text of the play, but also with Andy Lau in the film with a strong personal relationship emotional drama. In response, Andy said with a smile, "I'm in the" Fire Island "had already played with Jackie Chan on, but still can not learn from his martial arts, I will take the time to discuss with him, this is Jackie Chan will not play, the two of us in the "New Temple" which totally did not played against, played no punch. "Turning to the role, Jackie Chan said he learned a lot:" In the beginning that he will not Kung Fu However, realize superior in martial arts from cooking, I make bread in the play where the most good. " Tanji duo's friendship, Chan quickly made fast language, "While we do not make a movie together, but often get together to do public charity, is busy actors union to do, so see each other." Andy is humor, quipped: " Jackie Chan text of the play is great, completely without my pointing. "

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