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August 17, 2010

"Twelve," the story         New York City, gathered in the Upper East Side rich, the story focuses on a group of young super-rich group of people and they are too conceited because of inherent social position and feel empty, they always talk about, "I The father told me ... .... " Too extravagant life they never had to fight for anything, even the future has long been arranged to help them, and inexhaustible wealth squandered their family naturally became the capital - was untenable and that they became obsessed with loneliness the drugs are manufactured false illusion and happiness.

        Huaitemaike (ornaments) would have only a high school dropout unfinished, but he has his economic mind the courage of another crime, quickly grew into a highly successful drug dealer, special shuttle at the rich kids gathered in the boarding school, selling drugs to acquaintances or friends, business is surprisingly good, because most are not lacking here is the money and the wealthy, they want everyone can not wait to spend out. However, White is also something but not everything, and he has refused to provide a person called "12's" drug, because he knows how much it is dangerous ... ... White is not living off non- Button double life, he had grown up in a childhood sweetheart Molly (Emma Roberts decoration) in front to conceal the truth. However, as White's "the home" Lionel ("50" decorated) with his constant in-depth guide to the Manhattan world of the underground drug trade which, he had two very different life began intense of conflict and collision, especially when the White's cousin in an East Harlem Harlem playground after being brutally murdered, but also forced him to make a final decision as soon as possible.

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